Tests and Reports

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Summary of our tests, studies and certifications:

4 page folder with summary of:

  • The results from our 4 tests.
  • Amount PAH reaching the skin, divided into gases and particulates.
  • Our CE-marking and what has been tested during certification.
  • Results from off-gassing test

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Test No. 4, Nov 2021:

The purpose of the test was to determine the degree of protection offered by the tested garments against exposure to polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in fire gas – after use during a total of 24 smoke dives (600 minutes/10 hours).

Summary of Test 4

  • After 24 smoke diving exercises, comprising a total of 600 minutes exposure to wood smoke, the protection factor was found to be about 132 for the garment comprising adsorptive underwear, compared to about 7 for the standard garment.
  • The average penetration of PAHs, after 24 smoke diving exercises, is roughly 70 times higher through the standard garment combination compared to the  adsorptive garment combination.

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Test No. 1-3, May 2021:

Report that summarizes the results from Tests no. 1-3, which were carried out 2019 and 2020.

Summary of test 1-3:

  • The protection factor against PHA for the combination new unused CPP undergarment + fire suit (EN469), was measured to 3300.
  • The protection factor against PAH for the combination used CPP undergarment + fire suit (EN469) was measured to 660.
  • To be compared the protection factor against PHA for the combination standard new undergarment + fire suit (EN469) which was measured to 15.

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