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Life expectancy of the undergarment

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The lifespan of firefighting garments is affected by smoke gases, particles, heat, wear, and washing. The greatest impact on the lifespan of CPP Garments' undergarment comes from smoke gases and particles that are absorbed by the activated carbon, gradually saturating it.
Washing has less impact on the garment's lifespan, and its function remains essentially unchanged even after many (>100) washes, if done according to instructions.
According to extensive studies conducted between 2019-2021, including those by Chalmers University, the protection provided by the undergarment is as follows compared to current standard equipment.

  • New turnout gear and new undergarment: 99.99% vs. 90% i.e., approximately 200 times higher protection.
  • After 24 smoke dives of 25 minutes each (10 hours) including washes: 99.3% vs. 85% i.e., approximately 20 times higher protection.

Since we do not have exact data on the capacity after 10 hours in dense smoke, our recommended lifespan is 24 smoke dives, equivalent to >5 years* for a personal undergarment for an average Swedish firefighter.
Before further studies are conducted regarding capacity after 10 hours, we dare to claim that CPP's undergarments provide significantly improved protection regardless of the number of hours in dense smoke.

*According to The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), in 2020 there were 10,822 firefighting interventions involving a total of 5,051 full-time and 10,847 part-time firefighters. In addition, a Swedish firefighter conducts two training exercises with smoke dives per year.