Day 13 outdoor

User reviews

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From Australia

Shan Raffel, International experienced CFBT-instructor.
From his review on Facebook October 2023:
”It breeds very very well. I wasn’t hot in the garment at all. It was very comfortable to wear”
“Definitely recommended, it’s extremely comfortable and gives a much higher level of protection and helps to prevent cancer”

John McDonough, lead instructor for CFBT Belgium
From an email October 2023 (published with permission from John):
“-Very well made.
-Fitted very well (it seemed the large pants were actually the best size for me). I wore them over the thinner undergarments, typically worn in Belgium.
-Did not appear to increase heat stress, though ambient temperatures were not high during the week. Australia would be a much better test of its breathability perhaps... “
-Of course, I cannot tell what PAH levels were in my system after wearing the garments, but I can say there was absolutely no 'smoke' smell in the garments I wore underneath or in my hair. This was even after 3 burns. This is telling me something :)”

From an email April 2024 (published with permission from John):
“Since we last talked I have continued to use the undergarments and to be honest would feel 'naked' without them”

From The Netherlands

Hans Nieling, Senior Instructor / MD from CFBT-NL
From Facebook May 2024
“This awesome perfect working undergarment, using it since a couple months and I’m in!! Don’t want anything else anymore👍💪”
Absolute stunning experience, when wearing this garment! I'm testing it and used it now about 10 times and works super. It gives you a 'clean ' feeling after training!👍👊"

From Belgium

Steve de Blauwe, Instructor from CFBT-BE
From an email March 2023 (published with permission from Steve):
“Last week we had instructor training.
Here I was able to test the new undergarments extensively.
On Monday we had an exercise in a container duration about 40 min. I had sterile gauze applied to my skin and nothing to smell regarding smoke or burnt air.
To my surprise my strap of my watch did not smell either.
Tuesday same exercise with unwashed undergarments same results. Really top notch material.
On Wednesday I wore my normal undergarments from wool power.
The difference is really incredible. With the normal underwear you could smell the smoke odours very strongly.
I am also very impressed with the firehood. I didn't think it would stop the smoke so strongly.
Again, no odour hindrance. I assume if I don't smell anything the contact with particles will be very low and thus healthier for me.”

From Sweden

Tony Falk. Fire Instructor in Sweden.
In the magazine Swedish FireFighters number 1, 2024 (in Swedish language, translated by CPP)
"The undergarment is easy to put on and is flexible to work in"
"The T-shirt that I wear closest to my body has also not absorbed the smell of smoke, which for me is proof that the garment works!"

Lars Axelsson (a.k.a. the Swedish Firenerd). Former firefighter, captain and incident commander who currently works with firefighting training all over the world.
Linkedin-comments March 2023
“Manage the risk during training by proper PPE and procedures. And stop using outdated procedures for firefighting.
I for instance use an active carbon underwear as part of my protection”
“…particles are only half (no idea about the percentage) of the problem. Gases and tiny particles go through the particle barriers. The only solution that comes close is a combination of particles barrier and active carbon…”