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Our partners

Brandmännens Cancerfond WebFacebook
The Swedish Firefighter's Cancer Foundation is an independent Swedish non-profit organisation who supports research about firefighters and cancer. They have been a strong driving force in this project with our new undergarments for firefighters.

Blücher GmbH Web
Our supplier. The solutions developed by Blücher are protected with over 350 patents and find use in different protective clothes.

Chalmers University / CIT Energy Management AB Web
They have carried out our own studies, together with IVL, Lunds Universitet and Guttasjön

IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet WebFacebook
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has been involved in our own studies together with Chalmers, Lunds Universitet and Guttasjön

Lunds Universitet Web
Has been involved in our own studies together with Chalmers, IVL and Guttasjön.

SÄRF-Södra Älvsborgs Räddningstjänstförbund  Web
The place where we performed our own studies in cooperation with Chalmers, Lunds Universitet and IVL.

Firefighters and Cancer

Brandmännens Cancerfond
Please see above under ”Our Partners”.

Brannmen mot Kreft  Web ◊ Facebook
An independent Norwegian non-profit organisation who supports research about firefighters and cancer.

Brandfolkenes Cancerforening  Web ◊ Facebook
An independent Danish non-profit organisation who supports research about firefighters and cancer.

FeuerKrebs  Web
An independent German non-profit organisation who supports research about firefighters and cancer.

FCSN-Firefighter Cancer Support Network  Web ◊ Facebook
An independent North American non-profit organisation who provides assistance and support to cancer-stricken firefighters and their families.

FCI-Firefighter Cancer Initiative  WebFacebook
The primary goals of FCI are to better document and understand the excess burden of cancer among Florida firefighters and identify novel, evidence-based methods for reducing risk. They have an annual national (USA) symposium about firefighters and cancer, National Firefighter Cancer Symposium (NFCS)

IARC-International Agency for Research on Cancer Web
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization.

Trade Unions

Kommunal  Web
A trade union for Swedish firefighters.

BRF-Brandmännens Riksförbund  Web ◊ Facebook
A trade union for Swedish firefighters.

Ledarna  Web
A trade union for officers and managers within Swedish Rescue Services.

IAFF-International Association of Fire Fighters  Web ◊ Facebook
A trade union for North American (USA and Canada)  firefighters.

SPAL  Web ◊ Facebook
A trade union for Finnish firefighters.

DNMF-Det norske maskinistforbund  Web ◊ Facebook
A trade union for Norwegian firefighters.

Brandfolkenes Organisation  Web ◊ Facebook
A trade union for Danish firefighters.

FBU-Fire Brigades Union  Web ◊ Facebook
A trade union for British firefighters.

DFeuG-Deutschen Feuerwehr-Gewerkschaft  Web ◊ Facebook
A trade union for German firefighters.

EFFUA-European Fire Fighters Unions Alliance  Web ◊ Facebook
European organization whose members are the national firefighters unions.

EPSU-European Federation of Public Service Unions  Web  ◊  Facebook
European organisation which represents 8 million public service workers across Europe.

Misc. links

Healthy Firefighters WebPublication
Healthy Firefighters – the Skelleftea Model is a collaborative project aimed at preventing occupational health hazards among firefighters.

Lars Axelsson WebFacebookYoutube
"The Swedish Firenerd" is a Swedish firefighter, former captain and battalion chief. Now working with firefighting training all over the world.

CTIF-International Association of Fire and Rescue Services WebFacebook
A World Wide Organisation - Working for Firefighter´s Safety since the year 1900.

Behind the seen WebFacebook
They research and implement strategies which heighten awareness and promote conversation about incident related and career specific stress on Australian emergency services personnel and their families.

ESPC-The European Society of Protective Clothing WebFacebook
An independent and non-profit society that acts as a forum for discussions and knowledge exchange for persons working in the area of protective clothing.

FEU-Federation of European fire officers  Web  ◊  Facebook
Organisation for European Fire Chiefs

IAFC-International Association of Fire Chiefs  Web  ◊  Facebook
Organisation for Fire Chiefs in USA and Canada.

MSB-Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency Web
A Swedish authority who is responsible for issues concerning civil protection, public safety, emergency management and civil defence.

FOI-Swedish Defence Research Agency WebFacebook
FOI's department where they conduct research concerning chemical toxins, biological infectious agents and radio­logical substances.