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About CPP Garments

CPP Garments AB

CPP Garments AB (former Carbon Personal Protection Sweden AB) is a family business which was founded 2019 and provides a new protective undergarment for firefighters.
The undergarment is a Swedish innovation based on a fabric for military applications, with research and production in Germany. The undergarment has three layers of fabric where one layer is adsorptive with small spheres of activated carbon, which adsorbs harmful gases.
The product, which has been developed together with the Swedish Firefighter’s Cancer Foundation, has been tested four times at the Rescue Services’ training site Guttasjön outside Borås (Sweden) under the leadership of CIT Chalmers in Gothenburg. The latest independent study is reported in the report “Test of Fire Fighter Garments - Protection against fire-smoke polyaromatic hydrocarbons after 24 smoke diving events”.

CPP stands for Carbon Personal Protection, which describes the foundation of our business:
C = Carbon. Undergarment with adsorptive properties (activated carbon)
PP = Personal Protection for firefighters