Livslangd lifespan cpp undergarment

The lifespan of the undergarment

All fire clothing is negatively affected by gases, particles, heat, wear, washing. The biggest impact on the undergarment from CPP has the fire gas and particulates when they are trapped in the activated carbon, which gradually saturates.
Laundry has smaller impact, and the undergarments can be washed with almost retained function.
According to the independent tests, CPP's undergarments protection factors compared to current standard equipment are affected as described below:

  • New fire suit and new undergarment: About 220 times higher
  • After 12 smoke dives of 25 minutes each (total 300 minutes / 5 hours) including intermediate washes: About 66 times higher
  • After 24 smoke dives of 25 minutes ach (total 600 minutes / 10 hours) including intermediate washes: About 19 times higher

Due to these independent tests, our recommended lifespan is 20 smoke dives or approx 5 years for individually used undergarments.
According to The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB): In 2020, 10822 operations were made within "fires and fire incidents in buildings" with 5051 full-time firefighters and 10847 part-time firefighter. Additionally every Swedish firefighter perform annually two training sessions with smoke diving.